Guys, when you tell a girl you'll call her, do you do it most of the time?

I talked to this guy I'm seeing the other night before he was boarding a plane back here and after I told him to have a good flight he told me he would"hit me up when [he] gets back."
we're kinda starting over from something that ended badly a while back so I'm obviously kind of anxious. guys, when you say this, are you going to follow through? have you ever left a girl hanging?

  • I always call if I like her
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  • I don't always call and have left a girl hanging before
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  • Sometimes I wait and see if she calls me instead
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OR do you just use it as a way to say bye without meaning it?
how long do you wait? (if you told her you're going to call)


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  • He would call if he really means what he said otherwise its a default phrase guys use when saying goodbye to someone they know

    • lol well how do I know if he meant it?

    • When he actually call you the moment he got back or the day after he got back.