How would you react if a girl you barely know invites you to have coffee?

So, there is this guy who i think is very cute
I've seen him like 6 times, he's very shy and polite so everytime we see each other is just "hi" and a few laughs...

I would like to know him better but I don't want to look too pushy or creepy but, because he's shy , he won't make any moves and I'm VERY outgoing so I don't mind asking him out.

How would you react... if you were that guy
Should I wait until we know each other better?


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  • If he's not going to make that first move and you don't mind it, go for it! You and him can get to know each other more during the time you guys meet up for coffee. But be aware that if he is shy he might just clam up and not no what the hell to say if he is the extremely shy kind, which would make it a bit awkward. If that does happen just give him your number and tell him to call you. If you feel like giving your number is a bit much then tell him to meet you after your shift from work to go to a coffee house together afterwards that way you are in control of the meeting area, your co-workers know what the guy looks like and where you two are going in the worst case scenario the guy is a complete nut job.

    • He already has my number (due to work stuff) , I'm always very positive about asking men out :) and because i'm really into the "shy type". What I think what scares me the most is that "akward" moment between the question and the answer but oh well X) I'll try anyway.
      I want to thank you, your advise was very helpful. I

  • What the hell, it's just having coffee not a lifetime commitment and if you're offering to buy I'm all in even if I have to stare at a solitary eye in the middle of your forehead.

    It sounds like he's not going to let you know him better in casual contact. By all means do it and press him hard. Shy guys are extra work at first, but they're well worth it (shy guy here).

  • I hope its good coffee.

    *yeah call me naive

  • Don't do coffee. That's some Nickelodeon shit. It'd be better to like ask him to help you study or something.


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