How do you control your feelings when you like someone?

I really like this one guy alot. I want to be with him in a relationship. I told him that I like him a lot so far. He told me that he likes to take his time with getting into relationships. He said he was very interested but he doesn't want to rush things. So I guess we are both interested in each other. But how do I control my thoughts and feelings? I think about him every day and I truly want him and only him. I want to see him and talk to him everyday. And should I also talk to other guys in the meantime?


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  • i will give you an advice to how to hide them and not let him know... i basically when he talks to me i reply normally and i never stare at him at class unless he goes up to read and i take this as a chance to look at him and stare at him. i talk to him just like i talk to other people. i don't show that i am cranky when he isn't at my class i just act so casual

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