Never dated bit I'm 24 I feel 12 and have no idea how to do this or what to expect minus what I've seen on TV haha?

I've never had interest in dating my whole life so I have no exp in it what so ever. I'm 24 and recently a few people both male and female have expressed an interest in me. So I hung out with one of them during comic Con this weekend we wrestled and tickle fought and such. But we didn't try any hanky panky missing or what have you. When the weekend ended I realized the thought of actually saying I'm going to date any of my friends terrified me and I have no clue how to do it or if I even want to. I am lonley but never horny. All I wants a constant companion like a dog or something but that can talk play games and eat orclean with me etc.


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  • 'Dating' is odd these days. At the age of 27, having never been single since I was 15, I only went on my first 'propper' date a few weeks ago. The rest have been introductions by a friend, or friends I have made through hobbies/social-groups and we skipped the dating and going out phase. So don't worry about that side of things.

    As for the low sex drive: It could be supressed by stress or depression. You could have simply supressed/never actually awakened it, by being single so long. The longer you go without it the less you need it. Or you could just not be into guys (you might like girls, or simply not be a sexual person).
    What ever the case I recommend not worrying about it. Think about what you find attractive in a person (not necessarily sexually), and maybe take a glance at a range of porn/erotica. You might just find your sex drive perks up if you get close to someone (emotionally driven sex is the best anyway).

    Whatever the case with your sexuality try 'dating'. Take it cassual, spend some time alone with a guy. Talk about more intimate stuff. See what happens. Dont lead him on, but push your boundries.


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  • I guess you should do what you feel comfortable about

  • It'll be difficult to get a human companion who's asexual.

    But robots and AI are coming along nicely. Might be better to wait for them.

  • A first date is a lot like a job interview. There's a few questions back and forth, a few conversations, maybe some laughing and you either get the job (second date) or you don't hear from them again.


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