Girls only: When's a good time to let a girl know you like her? And how?

Long story short I met her in a bar a couple weeks ago. We didn't talk too much, but I ended up getting her number anyway at her friend's suggestion (her friend said she thought I was cute). We ended up texting back and forth every couple days, and we eventually set up a date.

During the date we met up again for a quick drink, got to know each other a bit more, and overall I felt like there was quite a good connection. We hugged at the end of the date, and from the sound of it she's interested in seeing me again.

If we do end up seeing each other again, when and how should I let her know I'm interested? I'm trying to take it slow, but I don't want her to think that I only want to be friends, I want her to know that I'm interested in her romantically. Do I just say it straight up, or do I imply it?

This is the fourth girl I've dated and despite having a bit of experience now, I still feel like I'm at square one :P.


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  • You let her know you are interested by calling her once in a while, texting her, keeping in touch, listening to her when you have a conversation, learning about what she likes, etc.

    There are many ways to show your interest without just saying it, and those ways are more meaningful.

    I suggest only saying it out loud when you kind of both feeling it, after about 4 or 5 dates at least, depending on how you feel.


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  • Well, I'm like under fourteen but two guys asked me to the dance and I said yes to one of them because he was my crush. He told me he liked me in the middle of a slow song. My suggestion? Bring her to a nice formal party and when there's a slow song dance and tell her in the middle of it.


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