Why is this guy such a douche?

So I started talking to this guy about 5 weeks ago. Over the last 2 weeks he's been saying he fell for me hard. The issue is that he is always busy with work and our communication is mainly via text. I am an executive in my line of business and I always make time for him. I thought it was strange. Anyhow, I was browsing through his fb page and saw a bunch of pics w a girl from about 4-5 weeks ago. It seems like he was or is still in a relationahip w someone. When I askes him about it he lost it. He said he couldnt believe I had the nerve to doubt him. He said I was psycho, but I thought I respectfully asked a simple question. He was FURIOUS and threatened to not talked to me ever again. I apologized if I offended him but he tortured me all day. He said I insulted him, but I felt insulted as well in the way he responded. We kind of talk today and I think he cooled off but I can't believe this guy is being such a douche. He texted me tonight and asked me "what u up to" and we exchanged a few lines. I really like this guy, but he is super intolerant. He indicated he has an issue with me being such a successful woman. I think he has confidence issues.

Everything was going so well. I dont know why he exploded like that. He texted me tonight and asked me "what are you up to". I asked him earlier what will this argument do to what he said about falling for me hard and he said, "i dont know, it is a set back". What the hell does that mean?

He did text me tonight, but wasn't too talkative. This guy seems to be so intolerant. I've been nothing but respectful and nice to him.

I really like him though. Should I stop texting him for a day and sew what happens? I dont know what to do.

Please, I need some advice.


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  • Stop seeing this man. There are multiple red flags that I see:

    1. Anger issues. 'he lost it', 'furious', 'exploded', and all over a simple question on his Facebook wall for all to see. So it's not only the fact he gets angry, it's that he gets angry from a little thing. Not healthy.

    2. Manipulative. 'threatened to not talk', 'tortured me all day', 'felt insulted', 'intolerant', 'called you psycho'. Those who manipulate will do so in a subtle manner, which often times includes guilting the other, holding things back from them, bothered by things not going their way, making you believe to be the bad guy.

    3. Strong emotions. 'feel for me hard', 'it is a set back'. The biggest thing here is that he's gone all crazy, and only after FIVE weeks. Barely a month of getting to know someone. Those who are moody will likely have that instability affect all areas of their life. Again, not healthy nor normal.

    4. Intimidation. 'confident issues', 'issues with you being a successful woman'. This should have been the nanosecond you cut all communication with this guy (if not already for his horrendous attitude).

    With these character traits, what kind of future is there with him besides misery and potential harm? There wasn't a single positive thing about the guy. You've been incredibly patient with him, too much I'd say in fact. Please, really take into consideration what you've written (since it's obvious you already know the answer based on what you chose to write) and stop talking with him.


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