Returning a call, or leaving it?

I have a pretty stupid question. We've been casually dating for a few months now and have focused on getting to know each other and our comfort levels. She's pretty shy, but a week ago she invited me out on a little date thing to meet her friends. I returned the favor by calling her up and asking her out for this weekend. She's always returned my calls, but hasn't this time. I don't want to sound to eager, should i try once more in a few days or just leave it to her? (She's shy on the phone and her friends loved me by the way)


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  • Just call her already!!

    You said she's shy. If neither of you want to be the first person to call everyday, you won't have any communication, and then it's OVER. Is that what you want?

    Do not complicate things. Do not over think. If you want to hear her voice and make plans with her, call! If not, don't.


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  • Go for it. What do you have to loose? Absolutely nothing at all.