When did the concept of dating change?

Well, I see on here from time to time
people being upset because people
on here ask them out. I realize not a lot
of people approve of online dating or
long distance relationships. However,
just because someone on here asks
you out without knowing you, doesn't
make they're pathetic and I don't think
it's a big deal.

I mean, isn't that the whole point of dating?
You see someone you're attracted to
and know nothing about and ask them out
to get to know them better? I mean, a
stranger is a stranger. So, what's the difference
if you ask someone at your local CVS out (who
you don't know) or if you go online and do the
same thing?

I sometimes think people are so focused on
convenient dating, that lose focus on the
actual point of dating. Which is to make
a true connection, To find out who you're
compatible with. To find out if you and
that person have the right fondation you
need to create true and (hopefully)
lasting relationship. That's the point
of dating, to find a mate (potentially for life).

So, since when has that concept changed?
Why is all about convenience?


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  • i disagree. i find it annoying too


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  • It's the fault of women.

    Unlike the old days, women these days are not receptive to female strangers asking them out right away.

    Women these days have paranoia to the point of their own self destruction of their dating lives!

  • Honestly I have ever had any good experience with online dating. It sucks for most people, actually. I don't think it is pathetic or not and attraction has never been really limited by location but then again I feel like most people are just inclined to use Tinder or fb over asking out girls on GAG. I personally would not really seek people out here and kind of just wait patiently and see what happens in real life.

  • *Standing ovation*


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