Does my best mate fancy my boyfriend or am I just being too touchy?

I have been seeing this guy for about a month now and I really enjoy spending time with him. I was with someone for ten years previously and he really effected my confidence in that I in the end didn't feel good enough for him in terms of what he wanted me to be. I am with this new guy and have voiced my concerns with a friend as i didn't know where i stood with him. However despite me asking her not to give him a talking too about his intentions with me when out she did it anyway after i told her not too. She is always up for meeting him later on in the evening which i find strange as im quite happy to just see him when we go on a date. He seems to take an interest in her love life and asks about her dates. Is that just friendly chit chat and taking an interest? then the other night when we met him i felt he was talking to her more than me. My ex called me randomly that morning but i told him i couldnt speak and was now seeing someone else. Anyway to cut a long story short it started to annoy me and i told him i felt he was giving me the cold shoulder? Then my friend interferred and it caused more drama. To be honest i dont know if she is doing it to protect me or just getting in the way as she like him? Any thoughts? Or is it me just being cynical?

This is the second time she has sat him down to wag her finger at him and asking his intentions when we have met him, its still early stages and i am worried he will be running for the hills. This was supposed to be a private chat between friends.


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  • well talking to her more than you, might be in your mind or maybe not. but telling her not to talk to him about the things you are concerned and she did anyways? that seems a bit suspicious, am i right? i dont have much experience on this but as far as i know someone who's jealous of you will try to ruin your relationship. and that's one way to do it... telling your boyfriend something you dont want him to learn yet. and also causing a drama scene? is she really your best friend?

    • Um its such a tricky situation. She asked what his intentions with me were in front of me the first time and i laughed it off and asked her to pipe down. I let it go as i just thought she was being protective but the second time annoyed me as its pressuring him. We had been drinking previously before meeting him out so them chatting more might just be me before the drama kicked off. Everything is fine now but im just wary now and part of me thinks she is trying to stop the relationship in its tracks, but then i also think he fancies her as he is always so vocal about her dates and seems to get uptight. She asked his opinion on a personal trainer she was flirting with at the gym and he said be careful with personal trainers they prob flirt with lots of girls. Plus she mentioned this guy who wouldn't stop texting her and he offered to call him and tell him to stop it. I thought that was odd? Too much involvement? Thanks for your reply.

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    • I was with her originally and we met him later on in the pub. From now on I won't be doing that.

    • He was already out with a friend.

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