I [27 M] met her [25 F] on OKCupid. We've known each other for 3 months but I'm not sure if she's interested like I am. Should I tell her this?

So I met this girl on OKCupid back on July 1st. We've went out on our first date and then since then we've just hung out and done things. We go bike riding occasionally and out for drinks with each other a few times.

Just last week she asked me out to dinner so we went and had a great time. Afterwards I asked her if she wanted to go see the dueling pianos and she suggested we go to somewhere more "chill" so we ended up at the hookah lounge. The whole time all I could think about was "I should kiss her." But she seems kind of shy and never gave any big signs that she wanted me to.

We're getting together again this Thursday for a bike ride and this Saturday for a football game so I want to just let her know where I stand. I'm not confessing my love or infatuation for her or anything.

I've read sometimes telling a girl how you feel can hurt or help the situation but at this point I don't care I just want her to know and I want to know where she stands too so I can either move on or take it to the next level.

Girls. Should I tell her this in person? Not gonna text it.

" I'm just going to be honest and cut straight to the point. I enjoy spending time with you and I'm always looking forward to the next time I'll get to see you. And each time I do I think to myself "This is the day I'm going to show her that I like her more than a friend". But I kind of find it hard to read you so I don't do it at the risk of making you uncomfortable. I'm a confident person but I'm different from other guys that will just grab a girls hand or kiss her without getting obvious signals that it's what she wants me to do. I just wanted to put that out here so you know where I stand. "


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  • Dude she's probably waiting for you to make a move and thinks you're uninterested. Definitely go for it asap.


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  • Aww that's kinda sweet.. yeah I think you should go ahead and tell her that in person so you can clear things up. She sounds just like me, I'm super shy with the guy I'm dating now and he said he thought I was uninterested because I never gave him any "signals". I had to verbally tell him I'm interested and things are going better now =). I'm pretty sure she likes you if she spends that much time with you

  • Okay guys out there this dude can school some of you guys. It may be that This gal may be hard to real because of the circumstances of the situation at times but deep down she is wishing you just do it. Some girls are shy but they work through this, especially for an amazing guy. Girls don't know everything. Sometimes we have to be taught as well. By they way heard about that dueling pianos spot. Someone told me it was mad cool but never been though.

  • Dear, Averageheightguy,
    Yes I would just go for it, I think she must to be interested in you, if she, s spending all this time with you. She must be just shy and wants you to initiate something.

    • So do you think I should say what I wrote at the bottom or just kind of tell her how I feel and leave it at that? Would it offend her if I told her I find her hard to read if she's a shy person?

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