Does the guy I've been talking to only like me as a friend?

So, I'm 18 and the guy I like is 21 and we met on OkCupid. We were a 95% match and when we started talking, we quickly found out that we have TONS of things in common (both nerdy and awkward, love the same music and games, same interests, same sense of humor, we want the same things in relationships, etc.) He always jokes about how similar we are lol.
We started playing video games together and later started to talk on Skype. We talk every single night for weeks on Skype for around 6 hours a night, sending eachother links, talking about anything and everything, talking about deep things, etc. He makes me instantly comfortable (he says I do the same for him) and I've honestly never had a guy care so much about what I have to say.
He's never had a girlfriend before and he has told me that he's worried I won't like him as much because he doesn't have much experience with girls. He's also told me that he gets emotionally attached to people really easily (friends and family included) so he's scared that he'll scare me away by being clingy. He's not really flirty but I think that's because he's never had a girl like him back, so he's not sure how to act. But he's said a few sweet things to me. He doesn't like it when I talk about my exes because he gets a bit jealous (not TOO jealous, though) and says he doesn't like to think about me getting hurt. He lives an hour away from me and we are going on our first date in a couple days, and he said that "it's totally worth it" and he would "drive 2 hours or more to see me".
He has said that he really likes me but I'm worried he won't like me as much because of how similar we are and he'll only see me as a friend. And I'm worried that talking to me for so long everyday will kill his attraction for me. Plus the fact that he is not super flirty (which could be because he is new at this, or scared, but still) Does it sound like I have anything to worry about? I'm starting to have feelings for him...

Also forgot to add that he deleted his dating profile after we'd been talking for a while and I deleted mine too.


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  • I don't think so. To me it sounds like he's trying to build a friendship and a familiarity before building a romantic relationship. Some guys (particularly shy or awkward types) prefer methods like this because it means they don't have to dive straight into dating and risk outright rejection. As for not being flirty, that's probably partly inexperience and unfamiliarity with dating and such, and partly just his nature. I don't think awkward/nerdy/shy types are too comfortable with outright flirting and the like, regardless of experience.

    If he were only interested in being friends I wouldn't think he would bring up things like being afraid you won't like him because of his inexperience with girls or the fact that he gets emotionally attached to people easily.


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