Went out for coffee with a girl and got her number, thinking about seeing if she wanted to do something this weekend?

Last weekend, I met up with a girl I use to go to high school with 6 years ago. The last time we talked was 3 years ago at a bar. We were friends and grew up together. We met up for coffee this weekend. We ended up talking for 1.5 hours. We both had a good time and she gave me her number (without me asking for it) and told me to get a hold of her sometime. I told her I would call her in a few days.

Is this good that she gave me her number without me asking? I was thinking of calling her up and seeing if she wanted to go out and get food (i. e. Dinner) and then go out and do something afterwards this coming weekend. Ideas?


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  • I think yes definitely do it! She asked you to get a hold of her so why not? Plus if you told her you soul call her in a few days you better do it or she might think you're not interested. If a girl gives you her number without you asking she definitely wants you to call her and maybe take her out


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