Women, why are you hypocritical with rejection, a man who sleeps with you then leaves is a jerk but a guy who cries about you rejecting him is weak?

*I don't understand the lack of carry over/empathy in one situation. Why do so many women choose not to learn that.


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  • thats not the same though, the guy who sleeps with a girl hasn't rejected her he's lead her on and used her then abandoned her like a piece of trash and guys who cry about being rejected aren't weak.

    • If he never said he wanted a relationship and he sleeps with her then he's not doing anything wrong. At least you aren't completely hypocritical though.

    • well you didn't explain that you said leaves as in leaves the relationship but its still not the same. it would be the same if a girl cried over rejection and a guy cried over rejection and it would be hypocritical if someone said one was weak and the other wasn't

      im not hypocritical at all...

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  • It is easier to hold others to a higher standard, when you don't consider their emotions, and what could be going through their head. While inside their own minds, they always have a good reason for what they do.