Has anyone ever dated a professional athlete? How did you handle their busy schedule when they were on season and always traveling?

I'm talking to someone at the moment, and want some feedback on how others adapt to your lovers busy schedule and emotions?


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  • He's not a professional, but it's almost the same. I can say that because he recently injured himself and went to the doctor and the doctor's words were, "Since you're essentially a professional level athlete, we need to make sure this heals correctly and quickly." There aren't really professional swim teams that go around you know... but he is eyeing the 2016 Olympics so there's that.

    Anyway, he's at a top university on their swim team and so he travels the country (or will be once the season starts up) for meets and I'm just sitting in my apartment on the campus of my university and am basically just there for him electronically. :/

    Phone calls, texting, and snapchat are what we use to communicate. His fist meet is actually in the state where my school is so I'll be attending that and any others that his parents feel so inclined to invite me along to. They're empty nesters and have the extra funds to travel all around the country following him so if they invite me to come along I'll go but otherwise it's just going to be electronic communication for the most part.

    You have to be really supportive. They're really busy so your emotions aren't always a priority. They want them to be, of course, but with how busy their schedules are you can't really expect them to have a ton of time to sit and listen to your little quips about your day.

    It's really hard sometimes being in my position, but his goals in life include excelling at this and so it has become a goal in my life to support his goal the best I can. Even if it doesn't feel like I'm doing a good job from being so far away.


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  • I have never dated a professional athlete but I have several friends i that currently are either managing in the major leagues or coaching and at one time played professional baseball and football. I can tell you from spending time with the families of my friends while the money is great the big homes and cars are great the families get lonely for their husbands/fathers.

    Boundaries have to be set and expectations have to be explained which my friends did do when they were dating and later married their wives when my friends are home (they are home all attention is paid to the wives and the kids) When these guys are out with their families they understand there will be autograph requests and photo taking requests this comes with the job of being a celebrity.

    I have a niece that is dating an Oakland Raider she is learning early on how to occupy her time and pursue her dreams in college while he is away at training camps and during the season his time is very rigidly scheduled around the football season. Together they are making it work.


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