Was there something like love when she stop visiting you after you lost your job?

she used to visit frequently untill i lost my job.


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  • wow I don't know why some women treat guys like that you know flat out what she was after and there for your money because if a women really loves a man she would of went threw the ups and downs with him instead she wants to make you feel bad for losing your job i would tell you to move on if a real women can't be there throughout stuff like this then she isn't a women at all because most independent women wouldn't mind there love one jobless as long as they aren't doing everything forever and they are driven to get back off there feet in a couple of months or weeks you really do need to stop caring about a women who care so much about your money but more about you because she missed out on something really special her lost trust me she is not the women for you if she can't be women enough to be there for you


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