Rules of the rebound?


So i'm on the rebound after a 2 year relationship. Needless to say the break up wasn't bad we just drifted apart. We hadn't had sex in a little over a year.

So about 2 weeks after we broke up (and had a couple conversations- so we both know its totally over between us). I go to a bar with some friends and meet some cute guys. I end up hooking up with one of the guys 2 days later (i don't do drunk hookups).

It was an intense make-out sesh, clothes on for both of us. The next day he comes over to hang out again, and I'm super into this guy because he really cute, and smells amazing, so he spends the night - he gets naked and I just take my top off. He fingures me, and I try (pathetically- since I suck at them) to give him a hand job. Neither of us come but it was very pleasurable. We stayed up all night talking and making out, but he barely texts. He made me wear his watch halfway through the night, and he's definitely an experienced guy.

Actual question:

So I'm not really sure how this rebound thing is supposed to go. He knows I just got out of a relationship. I feel like I'm getting mixed signals on if he actually likes me or if he's just going along for the ride. I'd like to get on the same page with him about being a rebound/fwb for now before we actually "do it" (because it's getting there), but I don't know how to go about it.

Also-- how do I explain to my friends (that are also friends with my ex) that I'm doing stuff with this new guy only two weeks later? I mean, i think the reason I was able to be with this other person so fast is because I think we had started moving on from each other while we were dating, it's just I needed something else to focus on.


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  • They can work. Both my wife and I met on the rebound from previously being engaged within 1.5 years we were married and last year we celebrated our 25 wedding anniversary.

    • thanks but I'm not looking for anything formal right now. Please answer my question :)

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    • Neither of us where looking for anything either.

    • Thank you for theMHO

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