Why has he changed over night?

im finally dating this guy I've liked for a while, this is my first relationship, first kiss at age 22. and im happy. much more comfortable than i would've expected. but there is a BUT...

when we were "friends" he would always thank me for the time we spent together... he's one of those "nice" guys and has a lot of respect for me, i still feel that respect and we still have a great time together BUT... HE seldom calls it what it is... he doesn't say how great i am anymore and his texts are a little less warm now.

whats his deal?


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What Guys Said 1

  • As your friend, he complimented you and such to win you over. Now that he has succeeded in dating you, he wants to tone it down a bit, to avoid appearing eager or being deemed "a nice guy." I mean, historically speaking, the nice guy label has not proved positive for many guys. So, he wants to act more masculine and less warm with you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe when you weren't dating he felt like he needed to prove to you that he thought you were great and make you believe it,, but now you are dating he doesn't say it as much because he feels like you should already know that that's how he feels and he doesn't have to explicitly say it anymore , just because he doesn't say it anymore doesn't mean he might not feel it

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