Should I tell him that I like him?

Hey, I'm a 16 years old girl and I wanted to ask you if I should tell this boy that I really really like him and that I would want to be in a relationship with him.
3 years ago I've already told him once that i've got a crush on him, but at this time i was only 13 and he 14 an I don't even know if he remembers this. He was really surprised and he actually said that we could try, but I had the impression that he didn't mean it and he only said that because we were friends and he didn't want to hurt me, but he had no crush on me.
Now three years later, we both were on a party a month ago and stayed there overnightwith a few other people. We were both a little bit drunk and when I was lying on the couch and he came to me and hugged me and we ended up in a spoon position. Then I went in bed alone to sleep a little and when I was on the couch the next morning he did the same thing and we were lying there for two hours or more. Now it's the summer holiday and he didn't text me since this night (a month ago) and I don't know what to do - is there even a chance that he likes me too or was it just an ordinary thing for him to lie with a girl together on a party and on the next morning when we weren't even drunk anymore?

Sorry for the long text guys, I hope you can help me.

You're right I guess. Thank you, sincerly a coward


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  • I think you should definitely tell this guy that you like him, it sounds like you guys have a long history together and a pre existing friendship that you could build a relationship on. As to you asking him out 3 years ago I doubt he forgot about that thats not the sort of thing people just forget about, he said you guys could try so what happened after that you did not give any information as to that. Considering you guys were friends first and he likes to cuddle with you he probably likes you. Its even more of an indication that he likes you since he cuddled with you the next morning and did not consider it a one night thing. Even if he does not like you it does not matter you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Your single now and if he does not like you you remain single you have not lost anything but if he does like you then you gain a hopefully great relationship :). I would say definitely go for it you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

    • Thanks a lot for your answer. The thing is the time three years ago I told him, I was really hurt as it didn't work out. I can't remember everything he said but as I already said, I think he never thought about more than being friends - until now, but you also have to know that he is very handsome and he could have so many other girls, so I don't know he would choose me and give up on his 'liberty'? I'm afraid that he will say no again, because he prefers cuddling as many girls and as often he likes to.

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    • Ya but those are growing pains the first person we ever like is rarely the person we end up with, dating can be a numbers game even if a whole bunch of people reject you someone is bound to like you eventually and you have to keep trying in order to find that person you can't live your life in fear you will never get anywhere that way. Also I am not saying that a bunch of people will reject you thats just been my experience but Im not gonna give up because its painful because if I give up I will never find the right person.

    • You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince (or princess) so they say.

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  • I have very few regrets about my life at your age, but all the regrets I have center around times I didn't take a small risk. The times I didn't ask a girl out cross my mind more much often than the times I was turned down. I don't remember the sinking feeling of being told "no" but I do remember being told "yes" and the great times that came after. I met my wife at your age and we have been together everyday since. My advice is, say something to him, be prepared for "no" if it comes, and take your time with the relationship if you want it to last.

  • I don't think you should tell him. You already told him you like him. I think It would be kinda akward. If he likes you he would have done something by now.


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