How do I avoid being a rebound?

I really like this guy but I know he just got out of a relationship about a month ago. I don't know how serious the relationship was or who broke up with who. He's shown interest in me but how do I make sure I'm not just a rebound?


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  • Hi. My names Spencer, I kinda consider myself a expert at some of these things just from experience. Fir st things first. You can tell if he is interested in you if he's the one texting you. So don't be afraid to distance a bit and see if he's wanting you and you're on his mind. This reassures that you're no rebound a rebound is someone who comforts you while dealing with a break up and showing interest in them. Which is what takes the person off there mind. Just distance yourself and I promise you'll be okay.


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  • Well, first if he is still talking to other girls/has feelings for his ex, then you are a rebound. If he has moved on and has no other feelings and is done with her, then he actually likes you. You can also ask him straight up and tell him that you're not a rebound and you really are starting to care for him.


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