Should I make the moves?

I was seeing this guy the other week. Nothing serious, totally casual.
He went back home for a week & I messaged him asking if it would continue. He said a bunch of stuff but basically said, "i'll be back".
He is now back in the area. He has a really busy week with like 3 exams and 4 assignments & things so he has an excuse.
I've snap chatted him occasionally, he replies, & sometimes snapchats me too. I texted him yesterday & we ended up texting ALL day from like 10am-9pm.
He does fairly long texts, smileys, & even was sending 2 texts at once. He keeps the conversation flowing with questions and longer answers, no 2 word things.
He didn't reply to my last message even though it wasn't a conversation ender, he has an exam tomorrow though.
He doesn't really initiate texting, but when I text he seems to get into it.

I would like something casual with him, but don't know what to do to make it happen. I feel like I get mixed messages from him & how do i bring up him coming back when he isn't as busy? I want him to be interested in me but I don't know what's going on!


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  • Ask him if he needs a study break.

    Then show up and fuck his brains out. :)

  • it would be awesome if more girls did the initiating


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