Best place to find introverted animal lovers?

Im not too introverted but if i had to say id be in the bottom 50% of extroverted people... if that makes any sense lol. I volunteer at an animal shelter and find that i really get along with the people there but im there to take care of the animals and everyone is on the older side.


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  • Dog parks, maybe... that's where I would be lol

    • im actually taking one of the shelter dogs to the local park this weekend since he has been there for awhile :(. best time to go?

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    • its Sunday lol. i meant time of day, just to meet people not necessarily women my age.

    • Early morning to mid day

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  • Go to the dog parks or even some animal stores where they allow pets inside. That's so nice that you work with those animals, they really need kind hearted souls to be with them and any related trauma they've had in their past! Good job and good luck!


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