Does this sound like a believeable apology? Does it sound sincere?

College hookup (over multiple months, exclusive in the sense that we aren't seeing any one else.. but not boyfriend a girlfriend. More like we have a.. thing) He... passed out while having sex because he was extremely drunk. He also said a few mean things while in his drunken state.

He texted me saying :

Listen i'm sorry for last night i'm just not sure what to say and i don't know how to respond to your message so my responses probably looked bad or awkward and i'm sorry for that too i can't really express my feelings well. i want you to know that i didn't just push this to the side, i've been thinking about you all day and i need you to know that.

Does this sound like he is sincerely sorry? Or just trying to cover for his drunken actions?

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  • Well what was it that he said in his intoxicated state that you would consider mean?

    • he was er.. yelling at me to give him a bj and pushing his head down there

    • That's not mean that's being a fucking asshole! Some would even called that a minor sexual assault in the form of intimate partner violence depending on the person you ask. I think you should call him back and tell him that kind of action, verbal arguing and tone (if there was one), and the very idea that you should give him a bj because he's yelling and pushing you to give him one will not be taken lightly nor will you put up with it. If he ever tries some shit like that you can simply tell him to GTFO and tell him that he should be so lucky that you haven't called the fucking cops. But if he does this again and it's worse if you chose to forgive him and accept his apology then go ahead and call the cops. Undercover lameass douchebags like this need a wake up call.

  • What did he do /say?


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