Does women like muscles?

Hey women here,

I know this is materialistic as sh*t but well, i'll still ask my question...

I've been working out for 1 and 1/2 years now and learned so much that it became a passion. I became a personal trainer, food specialist, motivator, etc.

I wanna know, I have a "baby face" but i'm 21. I have a nice shape: You can see my abs but they aren't RIPPED. What I mean is my bodyfat isn't low enough to see them a lot. And I don't want to drop my fat too much. On the other hand, I have a perfectly rounded high male chest and big arms/shoulders.

So, here's my question: "Would you prefer to date..."

1. A muscular man with a baby face?

2. A fat/skinny man with a grown up face?

P. S. I still have hairs and stuff lol. It's just the way my face looks, it's a BABY FACE. Yeah, lol. And we're talking aesthetics here because I don't doubt myself AT ALL in term of what i've got "inside".

Anyways, tell me what you think..

  • A muscular man with a baby face?
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  • A fat/skinny man with a grown up face?
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  • I like a toned guy who looks very fit!
    That's me at least.


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  • Body builder style muscles look disgusting, in my opinion, especially when the guy is pretty short or his arms are too muscly to fit into shirt sleeves so that the sleeves are all stretched and horrible.

    A guy with toned definition but not over-the-top-clearly-working-too-hard-at-the-gym is good for me.

  • I like a guy who is in shape, athletic build, but big muscles don't really do anything for me.

  • if he is bulk muscular i wouldn't like it, just toned body is good. otherwise a thin or chubby person is fine

  • Some chicks may be into ripped guys. But that's just not me. Healthy ones are great. I'm learning how much health is important to me especially after an amazing convention I attended this week. I just got serious about working out a little over a month ago and I'm starting to see definition in my stomach and I love it.


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