Why do women never throw themselves at me. It seems I can only get girls to be my gf. It kinda feels like I'm not attractive?

I said everything in the title. I'd like to here a women's perspective and be honest.

I think I worded this wrong, I like having a loving women I do but who really wants to be settled for. I know women have flings and one nighters so it's not like I'm living in lala land.
I didn't say I want to bang a lot of chicks but the option would be nice. Just to be able to turn it down


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  • I agree with Eaglesoars... We are humans not objects... What do we owe to you to just fall at your feet?
    And if you're talking about more that you are meaning for one night stands vs. relationships or whatever- it's probably that women see you as more as a relationship guy and you present yourself as such- meaning you go at women in a way that you are offering a security to be in a relationship with you and present yourself in the way that you would rather be committed than sleeping around...

    But, dear God... Why do you get this need for a sense of self-gratification?

    You don't sound attractive when you expect women to just fall at your feet...

    • Girls I've dated have had one nighters yet make me wait. It just seems insulting. Do you not get that

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    • Okay, I'm starting to understand better.
      How long have you been together? I mean if you were that committed that y'all are at that stage, it does sound a bit strange to me that she wouldn't have had sex with you- and y'all are living together... so this is a bit surprising.

    • Two years and we do have sex. But she made me wait a couple months. Butter now then waste more of both our time.

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  • Well do you flirt?

    • Who doesn't. Anyways problem resolved.

    • okay what are you going to do differently now?

    • Not date girls who have had flings or ons.

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  • well I think that kind of point of view of women is whats keeping them from throwing themselves at you, they aren't objects they are people, any women who answer will say something similar to this

    • What point of view.

    • that you'd rather women throw themselves at you, instead of being your girlfriend. You value just having sex, and not the person you're having sex with

    • @Eaglesoars definitely said my opinion perfectly. I dont know you, Asker, so I'm never going to throw myself at you. Im a woman of self respect amd on this day and age where there's lots of rape and sexual harassment, what woman would do that. you're looking for an object not an educated human being

  • Because you are not a special little snowflake and this applies to most men including me. Get used to it. Be an interesting person. people are not objects nor do they owe you shit.

    • Never said they did

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    • you sound you view women as things to be used. I have never even had a date but i surely do not expect girls to drool over me. real life ain't a porno.

    • Never said it was.

  • because the vast majority of women are stubbornly passive and old-fashioned

  • Girls don't throw themselves for anybody except for maybe the top 5% of men