Why do men cheat?

Any and all reasons welcome. Preferably from guys.

If you guys really want to know why women cheat, just go ask! That's what this site is for.


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  • I believe cheating is the most direct way of telling your partner that you don't care about them, which is definitely why I would never do it.

    That being said, the other guys I've known in my life who do cheat either have insatiable libidos, or they're someone who always thinks that something is missing from their current relationship, when in fact it may be perfectly fine and they just don't appreciate the other person. Or, they think something's missing and seek it out from someone else, rather than talking about their feelings with their significant other instead.


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  • I think men and women usually cheat for only a few basic reasons, including:

    1. They want to hurt their partner. This can be the "revenge" cheat ("she cheated on me, so I'm going to sleep with someone, too, so she knows how it feels!")

    2. They're not getting an emotional need from their partner. In many cases, people will say they cheated less for the sex, and more because the other person made them feel special, sexy, respected, wanted, etc.

    3. They want out of the relationship, but aren't mature enough to simply break up. So they do something horrible and hope their partner will end it.

  • Some simply because some men are just nympho's! It doesn't mean they don't want their current partner, some men just love sex with multiple women! It's not that their is an emotional hole in the relationship and you shouldn't take it personal.

  • hmmmmm

    Could be various

    1. Higher sex drive - not being satisfied in existing relationship

    2. Not enough attention from existing partner

    3. Being taken for granted

    4. The other girl is way too hot and is DTF

    5 after several years existing partners have grown distant and they have different goals & aspirations - and you find someone who is more compatible with these.

    6 Fling -

    anyway - women can be even worse - having a provider on the one hand and a lover on the other - and they are more emotional and will be better at rationalising it - I would like to hear why women cheat...

  • why do women cheat? its not a men only thing...

    only reason I can think of is if the missus isn't flexible enough to do some kinky stuff...

    that was a joke.


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