Should I give my guy friend a chance?

well he and i have known each other since the first day of school last year and he lives across the street. and he’s being like super super sweet lately. like today i say him while i was leaving from the commissary bc i was getting soup and he's like “you can’t leave without giving me a hug” and he was sitting down and i like air hugged him bc i didn’t wanna get him sick and he like pulled me and for like a long hug and then asked about my day and skyrim and about volleyball and he's like call me soon and i said ok. but he dated a friend of mine last year and over the summer they were super on and off and he loved her and lavished her but danielle was a da and would like break up with him for no reason and then they’d get back together and she really tore him up and we kinda bonded over her tray like ness. but over Christmas holidays john had sex with his ex and she called danielle and told her she was pregnant and danielle broke up with him but the baby wasn’t his and they got back together but she started fooling around with other uys and he ended it and apparently they are not speaking. should Im kinda interested in him but I don't know if i wanna get mixed up in it.


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  • well if you can treat him better then those other bitches I say go for it, help him realize not all women are evil

    • i just feel like there's so much pressure and i don't want to lose his friendship if we don't work out

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  • give him a chance LOL


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