Is it true that men prefer wet kisses as opposed to tamed kisser?

I read that men like wet kisses and I am curious to know it that is true.


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  • Wet kisses are associated with going further in physical interaction.

    Men, even if only on occasion, crave physical interaction. It's the one thing that certifies to us that we are in a relationship.

    Whereas women are more interested in hearing words generally, men are more interested in the action generally.

    That's not to say that there are times where men favor words over action, but generally we associate the action with the relationship.

    • That is kinda what the article said. I guess it must be true.

    • I know from my perspective, there's a natural feeling that the relationship is more secure when that happens.

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  • I'm relatively old, and, aside from a short kiss "hello", or "goodbye", I don't believe I have ever kissed, or been kissed, a woman in a non-"wet" manner.

  • I would say there's multiple reasons. One would probably be just the added romantic feeling, another being the possible scientific alternative: link


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