What if her family members follow me in social media networks?

So i know this girl in school for years. She is really really attractive, and thinks im cool (even though i have social anxiety, which doesn't help me show my true personality and makes me do awkward things lol). I still have confidence though, and i talked to her and got her number. She was cool. I followed her on instagram. Eventually, i noticed her brother followed me. Weird. Then one day, to let her know i was thinkng about her, i liked random pictures where she looked really pretty. She liked my pictures also. Then her sister followed me. Weird. I feel like she has told her family about me, and she is interested. What do you think?


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  • Well if folks have have liked your flicks I would see that as a red flag. Personally I have told one of my friends a guy was hot. But that was it. Personally I find that when you keep your relationships your private business they stay that way. I see it sorta like beyonce and jay z without the fame of course while they were dating


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