I think my friend I and I like the same guy?

What should I do? I mean like, at first I liked my crush now my friend likes him what should I do it's like really confusing and the problem is that theyre in the same school and I'm in a different school :((

theyre also in the same maths class too :(( But I told him i liked him first.
also he's the really dense type and i bet he won't notice my friend likes him then I don't know i might have the losing end :((


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  • I have the same situation, I liked this guy first but my friend likes him too, so we made a fair deal on who ever he likes and asks out first will be the one to ate him, and the other friend has to be a good friend and support the other and so far its working

    • i guess so,... but we're both hard headed and she won't admit she likes him :((

    • Jut dont let this boy rui you friendship always remember sisters before misters!

    • i guess so,... but i find them both equally important...

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  • Well, it's kind of up to him. People are not possessions, you can't "claim" them, you don't get discovery rights. You can't just go up and lick him and say he is yours. Well, you can, but it won't make a difference.

    Both of you should tell him you like him. If he likes one, then that's that. If he likes both, then the three of you should hang out together until you start seeing who is more compatible. If he likes none, then that's that too.

    This can't be, and shouldn't be, about a competition between you and your friend. This is an interpersonal relationship, this is about mutual feelings of interest and a desire to spend time together. If you don't let it degenerate into a competition, and you keep things above board and in the open, you should be able to maintain friendship with your friend and still both let the guy know you are interested.

  • This happened to me and my mate once. We knew we would fight if we continued to pursue our love for he girl. So we decided that we would both try as hard as we can to drop our feelings and continue our strong friendship. We pulled it off, as hard as it was and stayed best friends because we both agreed that friendship was better than fighting over a girl.

    • but then i think i still like him

    • both of them are equally important

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