What are the signs there is someone else at the early stages of dating?

As the question states, I am in a situation where a girl is exhibiting odd behavior - she's hot-cold-scorching-frigid, over the cycle of months and some friends as well as some GaGers have advices there may be someone else in the picture. So ladies and gents what are the signs that there may be someone else in the picture?


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  • She is unsure, most likely because she is unsure of how you feel.

    • Interesting, well I mean at this point I had agreed to sex with her (after she brought the topic up), and on our first date she had tried to figure out if this was a date or not which I told her in mind it was so I feel I was a pretty straightforward?

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    • I don't know.

    • It's not too fast, if I really like her u would date her without having sex bc you know your gunna get it

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  • How long have you been dating her? And as the behaviours that you describe, do you mean she acts like one day all things are good between you two and the next, it's not?

    If it's only been one to two dates, maybe it's best to wait to see how things play out before you jump to any conclusions.


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