Finally had a 1 to 1 chilling session with a girl that knows I like her, what next?

So about a month ago, this girl while chatting with her told me that she found these 2 guys not bad, which made me acted rashly and told her i like her too, which she replied that we'll just let it be and see how it goes. Subsequently i asked her to visit a school cafe after classes which she agreed initially but told me she had something to do later and was sorry, but then yet she later told me she can postpone the thing and will go with me but i turned her down telling her its ok she go do her stuffs first.

So i played it cool, took a few steps back (i am really tired from making an effort to be in places she will be, join activities she joins) and never really made any moves until like today i asked her again to check out the cafe in school and she agreed readily. I did improved a lot since the last time we went out to buy things (i was totally awkward, quiet and perhaps send out the signal that i didn't enjoy being with her), we talked, laughed etc this time round and walked her back to the hostels. Perhaps i shouldve followed up and ask her for another one next time, but i didn't anyway, what should i do next?


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  • I think you need to make it happen and ask with clarity because she may be like me thinking no freakin way I ever rejected this guy he lost it. But then I think back and when he asked me one question I thought he was talking about another chick so I shot it down. Assumption gets you in a bad situation gosh. I think you both are at the point where your completely comfortable in person. So ask. The next answer would probably be heck yeah!

    • Not completely comfortable yet.

      Have only known each other for like 6 weeks lol.

      Anyway when we had meals sitting next to each other there's still a bit of awkward silence here and there, but definitely we are opening up to each other more and more.

      Anyway thanks for the input!

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  • I agree ask her out again. When you do go out again just make sure you put yourself out there and be you! The worst thing that could happen would be that she doesn't like you for you, in which case, she's just not meant for you.

  • Ask her for another date?


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  • Funny, You are In The Same Situation I am In Right About Now, Except My Situation has Only Been About 2 Weeks and Some Days, I Really Like This Girl At My Job, But Everytime We Are Around Each Other People Keep Poping Up When We Are Trying To Have Some Alone Time. So Now I Think She Is Hiding From Me Because I Finally Secrectly Told Her How I Felt, About Her, So The Next Move For You Is To Continue To Improve urself and Try to get my comfortable Around Her, Listen Bro I Am In The Same Predictament You Are In, So Hold Tight & Everything Will Be Fine.

    • Wow, but this girl won't avoid me and actually agreed to chill at a cafe alone with me which made me felt real happy. Hope we can slowly get the girls to open up to us !

    • Exactly Bro, It's Crazy.

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