First date... EVER!! Help soo nervous?

I'm almost 14 (Next month) and he's 14. We've both never kissed anyone before. He's only dated one person. I've never dated anyone. We've been in a long term relationship type thing for a month (I was in a different country when he said he liked me and I like him blah) I think I'm just going to mess up or say something dumb.. Any avoid at all cost topics? Outfit ideas anything really.. Oh and should I kiss him on the first date?


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  • you're 14 so just relax, nothing can really go wrong. he has no car, his parents are going to pay for the date most likely and there isn't really much you two can do besides hangout or watch a PG movie. so just be yourself and have fun. its a teenager date, you don't have to worry about much.

    • Haha we're going to walk around the city and stuff. Oh and no 14 year old watches PG (s) Personally my parents trust me to watch 18s! (not that that matters)

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    • he talked a lot about himself? :D he most likely didn't know what to talk about but if that's the case he's supposed to talk about you hahaa. doesn't matter though

    • Yeah haha.. Probably true! He's normally really shy.. So it was nice for him to talk XD

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  • now chill chill.. being nervous only makes him nervous too since he likes you.. just be the person you were before.. act like this isn't a date, and act like this is a phone conversation without the phone, face to face chat and with a little bit of romance. there are no such things as a perfect date, so just make it as fun and romantic as possible and go with the flow. cuddle with him, kiss him, do lost of stupid things and let your heart lead the way but dont forget to bring your brain :P

    • Haha you're so right! Thank you!! I'll just go with the flow :D

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    • meh wish you luck anyways XP

    • Haha thank you!

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