The guy I love hates me. Help?

The guy I love hates me because I cut myself last night.

I went to court the day before and they said I had to visit my dad. I hate my dad. He beat and raped me for 12 years and I haven't seen him since. That's why I cut myself. But I didn't plan on it. I was cleaning up bits of glass from a mirror I punch
ed and I was thinking about seeing him again and next thing I knew... I was cutting myself.


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  • im sure he doesn't hate you he just probably expressed hatred in the form of care and sadness. most likely anger not hate. why did you cut yourself? and talk to him and explain to him if you can.


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  • well as @BertMacklinFBI have said.. he might be mad but it doesn't mean that he dont care.. he just hates you because you just cut yourself and he doesn't know what to do if he loses you (trust me, this is what i felt when my gf cut herself) and that my friend is and expression of love disguised as hate.. GLHF

  • So then get treatment so you don't cut any more.


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  • Give us more details so that we can help. What are the reasons that led him to hating you?