Help me please understand! Hook up, friends or like?

Ok so one day me and my friends all went laser tagging and after tht we all went to town and for most of the time this guy and i hung alone. later he texted me and we talked for a long time, he sort of flirted with me, but its hard to tell because he is just tht type of guy. and so we have been talking and he invited me to this paarty , where people drink and do shit, but im not tht type of person so i was really surprised. and he keeps on saying tht he wants to hang out. I admit to sort of liking him, but do u guys think tht he likes me or he just wants to be friends or just hook up? and wht can i do to make him like me, considering im a pretty shy person.


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  • What I learned from this site.. ALWAYS assume he wants to hook up.