Acts like a bf but doesn't want any commitment?

OK Cupid date. Have been on 4 dates in 9 days with tons of texting in between (I know that's a lot but he pushed to see me more when I said that the second week I could only see him one day but he insisted to i made time for him). First date was 2hrs over drinks, second date six hour date with activity plus dinner plus him opening up about his family. Date three was another dinner plus more opening up about his family. I get lots of compliments and he says he doesn't often find people that interest him. Date 4 was more of a booty call (that was more initiated by me he never pushed for sex) but this is where it gets kinda strange. Before I even went to his place he asked if I wanted to spend the night there bc he wanted me there. Then cuddles me all night post sex with fingers intertwined and all and says he never sleeps touching people before. He cuddled embracing me like I was in a cocoon. That's some serious cuddling. We also hVe plans for later this week. This is the weird part post sex we had a what are u looking for right now convo. He said he is open to a relationship but that we just met. I said I am on the same page. The only thing for me that even if we are not serious initially if we have sex we can only have sex with each other. I do t want to sleep with someone who sleeps around for health reasons. So I said ok we can go back to dating with no sex or sex but we take things slow and u do t sleep around. No major emotional commitment but def a only sleep with you commitment. He said he didn't know if he wanted to give up sex with other people yet. Then he said he would think about it. But afte that talk he freaking cuddled me like a cocoon with our fingers intertwined all night and made me breakfast the next day and talked about how we had plans for all these things. I'm confused he acts sooooo boyfriend-y already but won't commit to sex just sex with me? I never pushed for anything. He does bf things and that confuses me.


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