Girls would you date an aries even if he is typical to his sign and you know he's going to tear your heart to shreds?

I really really like this guy but he is an aries down to a T. He dosnt want serious, he fears commitment, he has phases where he will be distant and i have to give him space.
after we meet up he would hardly talk to me or be blunt etc.
But it isn't all bad he says im the nicest girl he's ever met, he calls me without me asking, he gets annoyed if i dont reply or act distant (getting back at him)
He said he missed me last time we had a fall out which lasted months.
we spend hours and hours on cam just talking and then eventually have cam sex.
He says he really likes me but he dosnt like talking about feelings and stuff
He was so nervous when we met up even though he's known me for years
He is really inexperienced compared to me but I love him all the more cause he's not like the other guys I've dated
He's not using me but i know he gets bored easily
I know i can't change him and i would love to stop liking him because life would be easier.
but I've fallen for him :(


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What Guys Said 1

  • This is just utter bullshit.
    I am an aries.
    I DO want commitment and something serious.
    Your guys is just a DICK.

    • i get that star signs might be bullshit and that most people think it is its just the best way to explain what this guy is like he is so like everything people say an aries is, also he's not a slut and has only had sex with one girl so i know he's not a slut. he's just a commitmentphobe and has never had a gf

    • Well if you want to stay with a "commitmentphobe"... that's your call.

What Girls Said 1

  • Funny that sounds exactly like me- girl version. I never take my zodiac seriously and Im an aries too. Girl to girl you wouldn't want a guy like that. You know it too, he's gonna break your heart. Get out before its too late.. finding someone else will be easier to live with than dealing with the ache in your heart after he's done with you.

    • i haven't been talking to him much, he's been through hurt too so im scared it'l make him worse. If i had one wish it would be that he was born a few days later thats how much i want this to work :( Im a libra so he will slaughter me he already has hurt me in the past by choosing to tell me he liked someone else better but told me months later he didn't like anyone else better he just didn't like how serious i was being. its such bullshit and i was hoping aries will settle down when they get older but they dont seem too :/

    • well keeping aside all this zodiac talk which I think you shouldn't be deciding all your relationships on.. its all a load of crap really. If a guy ain't serious when you want him to be, you should move on honny.

    • not all I've never used it to decide anything on before im just so stumped on this guy and the zodiac sign just matches him to a T its scary... might be bullshit but its just best way to describe what he's like. I dont need him to be serious now as im going to uni but i want to be with him eventually yano

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