When it comes to love relationships, do you think American men and women are boring when it comes to that?

Boring as in lack of passion and romance, too stubborn, easily annoyed of their spouses feeling them or giving the attention. It short words, generally speaking, American men and women take almost everything too serious to the point where some things even become illegal when it comes to relationships. Now I'm not saying I believe any of this but I do have the impression that a lot foreign couples that I've witnessed are much happier with their love relationships and s3x lives than American couples.


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  • Yes most Americans are like that but not all! Americans are not all the same. Some are very aware of what the culture lacks and seek spouses from other countries for that very reason. I could go into this topic very deeply because I am one myself. It sickens me really. I have met someone I truly truly like online and I hope he does not make the generalization that all people in a country are the same. It is a prejudiced veiwpoint and quite judgemental. Besides Americans like me don't think other cultures are perfect either and I would be accepting of those if ever married to a foreigner. That is the nature of commitment, acceptance. You will find every type of person everywhere. What matters is the person themself, not where they come from. If you want to know how someone is you must ask them or find out for yourself. Actions speak louder than words. A genuine person will be truthful about what they believe and when they find their true love they will hopefully express their love in the bedroom and behave in the loving, loyal and passionate way their spouse deserves. It is worth having an open mind and listening to your intuition because love knows no distance, boundaries or failure. It persists through the hard and easy times to the very end. It is not always easy but worth it. I would never settle on second best and I hope to find the one best for me who I am best for so it is a gifted romance forever. That is romance. Being in love with the one who is right for you. Caring is trying and working and accepting your love through all the changes time brings. It is a beautiful thing and worth the wait.


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