Do you consider yourself "conventionally" attractive and do you date on those standards, what sets you apart in your tastes in the opposite sex?

*Just to explain what I mean, although "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," by saying conventionally attractive I mean possessing traits that are almost universally considered desired, an example being high cheekbones are considered attractive in both men and women.

Do you think you possess any of these conventionally desired traits for your sex?

High Forehead
Big Eyes
Small Nose
Full Lips

Strong Brow/Eye Brows
Small Eyes
Strong Jawline
Thin Lips


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  • I think so. I've got the big eyes, small nose, and full lips at least, and my body lol. I date all around though. Tall, short, skinny, average, buff, white, black, hispanic, etc. My friends have been trying to come up with what my 'type' is, but they always fail when trying to figure it out based on looks. They're usually pretty attractive guys though, so maybe they do have the facial characteristics listed... but they still look so different from each other. There are some non-physical things that make a guy more attractive to me too, so there's that.

    • Yeah, traditionally conventionally attractive people had to follow under that "euro-centric" standard, which is pretty much if you look European with blue eyes and blonde hair then you were attractive.

      But to me attractiveness come in variety.

      I think that "unique" things make a person stick out. A girl with something that sets her apart like a very distinct smile or a very distinct hair eye color, that's what gets my attention.

      But these physical characteristics mean little to me:
      I like at how a woman treats me and her friends. Kindness, generosity, selflessness, and gentleness dwarf any physical feature.
      "If a person you're dating is mean to others then sooner or later that attitude is coming right back to you!"

    • Yeah, very true.

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  • No. If I were single, I'd probably just date whoever would have me, as long as I got along with them. Looks wouldn't come into it.

  • I dont think I follow up to any of that lol. And looks will always be important, but so will personality


What Guys Said 2

  • I posses all those "manly" attributes and still haven't had much success. probably because i am looking for something most women can't or aren't willing to offer.

    • Personality is important to some women as well but what do you want women to offer?

    • Decent looks, loyalty, common interests and low promiscuity.
      No woman was able to fit even these 4 criterias altogether.

      An interesting study showed that when men were asked they came up with 3-4 deal breakers for a woman. Women came up with... over 100.

      You be the judge of what that means for relationships...

  • I think I'm alright. I mean, i get compliments on my eyes every now and then. My dating habits jump all over the place though, so i can't really nail that down for ya

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