Why Me? why everything is Against me? why guys just look to my body and not what behind that body?

I start dating when I was 12 my first date was a hell, I don't know when I'm wrong because I care to much and I love to make the other part so happy I feel like a hell everything doesn't work all my dates was for hookup no one was serious after I start dating online I did think after 2 hell dates in real life the online will be better but the same story repeated again is there is any wrong with me or I'm just attracting pervert guys? why me I can't understand I need help I want real healthy serious relationship because after all does hell dates I start having cold emotions.


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  • Well you started dating when you were 12. There's your first problem.

    You are not capable of having a healthy relationship when you're 12. Maturity is needed for a healthy relationship and I don't care how much you disagree, no 12 year old is able to be mature enough to handle it.

    We base all our dating expectations on previous dates. When you're all bright eyed and bushy tailed and never have dated before, you want your Disney princess boyfriend and then your first guy is not him. So you make a judgement and go to change some things for your next one. Ergo, if your first boyfriend was bad (they all are at 12) you can hardly really formulate standards for a successful relationship in the future.

    So take some time, start completely from scratch, and you'll find a guy. Wipe clear your memories of past failed relationships because you're basing what you're looking for on how some 12 year old boy acted all those years ago. You are, even if you think you're not.

    Take some time and start fresh. Go into it with no expectations. You need a complete do over.


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  • Part of the reason I believe is its because our society puts up with that and some women let guys just hook up with them, so that lets guys know that's ok. Just when you give a dog an old shoe to chew on, that dog will chew on you brand new $100 shoes because you gave him a shoe to chew on, he doesn't know that other one was old, he sees a shoe and thinks oh boy a chew toy. No I don't think its you, another girl just posted the same thing practically. You just have to find the right guys, I am looking for the exact same thing, I want a relationship not just sex for one night. So on these dates tell them straight out that you don't want that, if they don't respect that, they don't deserve you. If a girl told me that on a first date I would be happy.

  • Can we please take a step back and rethink?
    firstly, what kind of guys did you date? secondly, can you come up with any reasons they should leave you?
    Thirdly, what kind of signals did you usually send during dates? Fourth, what did you EXPECT from the dates?
    Also knowing in what way they were hell could really help (yes, i know it can be painfull to remember, but no paing without gain, you know) :)

    • @dartmaul15 1. I did date guys old then me mostly guys who are working in army, my last date was unemployment --"

      2. I can't figure out maybe because am to much nice, cute not that beautiful the problem a bad lier when it's come to guys I can't lie to a guy yes maybe in something belong to my past, I care to much :/ I can full to easy for someone :/

      3. mostly I refuse they request specially if it was about sex --"

      4. Marriage :/

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    • @dartmaul15 I just have to stop all this drama and stay single for the rest of my life.

    • That's one option, allthough not so fun one. Nice guys don't make drama, you know XD
      But yes, you need to stop the drama, nice guys don't like drama (it's basically nice guy repellent).
      The hard part is learning to spot them, and honestly i think that's where your problem is. Yes, it may be harder at your age, but the chance of sucess when you find said person is larger.
      Why not try looking among the more intelectuals? Those who take long educations, and are at your age when they finish it? I can't imagine all of them being taken. And at least where i live, the douchebags does not take those fancy educations :)

      If you still doubht the existence of nice guys; you're talking to one (lol).

  • I think someone's being a bit overdramatic.

    • It's not an over dramatic but believe me I'm suffering @yaddayaddayadda02

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    • @yaddayaddayadda02 am tired of looking I did swear I will never date again my new boyfriend did big me for a chance and I did give him that chance wishing he is different even thought I can't trust a word from a guy.

    • Then I guess you made your decicision

  • Hmm.. you're having this problem again. It seems like you have it deep. Do you want to discuss this in chat? I'm willing to help.

  • "or I'm just attracting pervert guys?" That is part of it what is happening. Also guys that aren't perverts learned if they move too slow, they get friend zoned. The only thing worse than a guy moving too fast, is moving too slow. If the woman doesn't see him as a sexual being, then she starts to think of him like a brother.

    I care about what is in a woman's head, but I have learned if I am not one of the guys you describe, that there won't be a second date. If you did go out with a guy that was really respectful and wanted to wait, you just wouldn't feel the chemistry between the two of you, and wouldn't even know why.

    • it's like an old wore between female and male

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    • @Opinion -_- geez no nno no --"

    • No? I know lots of women that complain about guys moving too fast, but consistently keep sleeping with players. Maybe there are some cultural differences that cause it, but it is very common in my area.

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