Guy is going around telling everyone we went on a date?

Ok, guy friend at work, I like and he claims he likes me, not sure if I believe him. Has gone around and told everyone we went out on a date. We did go out, but I didn't call it a date, he didn't call it a date at the time either. I told him he's going to get stuff started, he's like we both know what happened. We were laughing and telling everyone how bad it was how our clothes didn't match and what not. Did I mess up? Does this mean he likes me or no? A little confused.


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  • I don't know if it means he likes you or not, but I do know it means he is very emotionally immature. It also means that he is very likely to go running to his buddies to tell them about the first time you give him a bj, the first time you have sex, the first time anything happens, anywhere (not that those will happen, but IF they do, he will tell).

    He obviously has a need for external validation and a desire to seem like he 'knows his way around the ladies' to his friends.

    To be clear, you didn't mess up at all. None of this has anything to do with you. This is just immaturity on his end.


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  • A girl did that to me but said I'd slept with her. In that case she was a psycho bitch who wanted to claim me as her bf when I had no interest... she even bought sex toys for my bday once as a hint, she wasn't even attractive enough to just shag for fun tbh but that's another story. He sounds like a nutter tbh.

    • I think you're right lol.

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