Ladies, what would your reaction/expression be if your date came to pick you up in a car looking like this one?

now, i'm not really taking about the car itself, Jeeps are really bad cars and i pray to never own one. but i'm really referring to the stickers and designs aka the way the car is tricked out.

in case you never played Resident Evil and dont know what the "Umbrella Corporation" is, it is a corporation ran by the main antagonists of Resident Evil. they are the once responsible for the majority of all the zombie outbreaks and all other chaos and tragedies cause throughout the game's plot.

anyways i myself am a big time fan of Resident Evil and i would love to trick my next car like this. though i am not a fan of caring what others think i am kinda curious in how would women react if they came across a car tricked out this way

  • looks cool!
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  • don't care... a car is a car and as long as he has one i'm happy
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  • there is no way in hell i'm getting in that thing!
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  • I'd just be happy that I wouldn't have to walk. I'd buy gas and everything lol!


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  • looks fun…………

  • I dont know much about cars, to me is get something practical that helps in commuting. Even if he comes by in the car above, I am fine.

  • lol ALL RIGHT! Take me on an adventure, ranger! lol


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