I like this girl but am not sure what to do next?

I am a junior and its she just started her freshman year we talked a for a few days and I am starting to like her but I dont know what what the next step would be and can I show her I liker her without intimidating her or scaring her away

well i found out she is with somebody


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  • You should have a talk with her. Maybe on the phone. Message her? After a week or 2 . You could try to ask her out for dinner? Movie? Or something? Maybe chill together? So that u could know her better (:

  • I would just keep trying to talk to her at school and be nice to her. Do your best to try and see any signs from her that she could be interested in you. Maybe try to get her number then wait a week or 2 then ask if she wants to hang with you sometime.

    • should I try to get her number soon or should i wait a little while

    • I think a week is about a pretty decent amount of time. You could straight up ask for her number if you want or a good move that I have used is if you take a picture with her at some point (it has to be on her phone & you don't want it to be creepily random that you take a pic with her) but then you can ask her to send it to you so then she will have to get your number

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