Am I single because of this?

I'm mature when it comes to advice
I can be a grounded person
Also nice, sweet, funny, and every trait the average person has.

But every time I meet a guy I turn into someone that's maybe an air head, playful/childish, and clumsy

I'm not bad looking, maybe a 7?

Anyways, is that a turn off to guys?


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  • If that's the absolute first impression I get from you, yeah it's a turn off.


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  • Sounds like you want a baby sitter not a guy.


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  • Its probably just the nerves talking when you meet a guy. Try to smile more and focus more on asking guys questions rather than talking about yourself so you don't seem like an "air head". It's okay if you playfully tease a guy just don't go overboard and as for the clumsy part that's totally normal and wouldn't worry about guys getting turned off by that. Guys like friendly and easy going girls.