I like this guy but I've made him mad 2 nights in a row?

We talk everyday. I know that he likes me and I like him. In the beginning i would rarely speak my mind because I was scared to make him mad and run him off. He reassured me that he wants to know what's on my mind and he told me to never hold back out of fear of what he might think. Now that I do speak my mind It feels like I keep him pissed at me. It feels like he's a stupid comment away from being gone and that would hurt me very badly. What should I do?


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  • I think it's important that he knows more about you, and you know more about him. If he's going to be pissed at stuff you say, he might not be a good match for you after all. Nobody should be on the alert of "not pissing the person off" all the time you know.

    • It's not all the time that he gets angry. Just sometimes.

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    • Thank you so much

    • thanks for MHO :-)

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  • He doesn't sound too stable. But what are the comments you make? Like what topics are you talking about when he gets mad?

    • He's stable... I just can be irritating I guess. We have penis size debates. Then after the debate I sensed he was mad so when he said he couldn't call because he was busy I kinda accused him of not wanting to call because he was mad and that pissed him off even more. I just say stupid stuff.

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    • Ok. Thanks!

    • Your welcome!

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