Ladies - do any of you dislike the thought of being in a relationship or marriage?

I ask as I have been single my whole life, and have never really yearned for a relationship. Initially as I got hurt too much and had low self esteem. The latter has improved slightly, but I just feel quite comfortable with my life as it is , filled with friends, social activities and work, and don't feel that I have time (or the interest) to be with someone and have to compromise etc. I'd feel suffocated having someone in my personal space. Any of you feel the same way?


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  • I don't dislike the idea of marriage, it just scares me to think that divorce is so common today. So I don't know if I would want to put my self in a situation that might not end well. I know a few people who never got married just stayed engaged and they've been together for over 20 years. Relationships don't bother me but the thought of marriage does.

    • I don't see the day to day of a serious relationship and marriage as that dissimilar to be honest. It is the thought of the disputes that concern me. I. E having no mental break/l/t escape from the person, when arguing. And feeling 'trapped' to stay out of obligation, so as to avoid the children's lives etc.

    • I understand and yea that's something that scares me to but I think if you find the right person who makes you happy marriage won't seem so bad. Everyone's gonna argue but couples handle those arguments in different ways some good (actually talk it out) while others get physical. So yea it scares me to think about those things in marriage too.

  • Omg!!! Word from word! Yeeessssss!!!
    I can relate

    • Thank god! I feel like I am the only person in the world that feels like this sometimes!