How do you get over rejection?

I have consistently been in the situation where I am rejected by guys. I have tried online dating (and post photos that are accurate representations of what I look like), and have had guys walk away as soon as they see me several times, and others reject me pretty much in the stages in infancy of engagement (on and offline guys). Others just want to sleep with me and nothing more. I am not overweight etc, for those wondering. Anyway, I have kind of just accepted that I will be single for life etc, but was wondering how you guys handle this kind of thing, and how you rebuild your confidence , move on positively etc? Also, I am 31 (need to change my GAG profile details)


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  • Honestly I have been called repulsive and ugly by trys on okcupid have been fails. Even yesterday someone on here said I look like a monkey with a deformed body. So my self esteem has long been gone. What I try to do is focus on my career its a lot less stressful


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