Need some help with this girl, I can't let go of her, and she can't let go of me, but she isn't the same person anymore?

I dated this 24 yo single mother, for 1 month all went fine, after she got back from vacation everything changed. she never gave me a reason, and told me we can't be together. she acts very strange ever since she came back. i know she is sad because she posted a sad picture on her Facebook wall, but when i ask her, to talk, she says she is just tired. she does this all the time. she seemed to try to do her best, at looking the other way, walking past me. later on she flirted with me again, and now she seems to be very cold. trying to talk to her, is almost impossible. she does keep checking my fb profile, sending me messages, sometimes giving me a glance, but mostly she tries to look the other way. if she really didn't give a damn about me, and couldnt care less, she would act differently. i didn't reply to her last messages, since they seemed to be a bit emotional. whats the best reaction i can send her, just something like'' hi, how are you doing'' or should i respond to her messages. what does this girl want from me, i told her several times i like her a lot and like being with her, whats holding her back. what should i do... we haven't seen each other for more then a month now, pretty much sums all up, ok her daughter wasn't home when we dated, . what can i do, what does she want from me, she can't let me go appearantly , is she scared of binding, i suspect she has borderline, these mood switchs all the time etc.. being secretive, going hot and cold... what can i do

I need advise, she got me so confused that i really dont know what to do. i can't get her out of my head, neither can she get me out of hers, why is this situation so confusing, its on her side, we can be together if she starts to open up


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  • Well first off I don't date single moms and I don't have kids myself. That's one of my rules in dating. I can understand single dads dating single moms, but why do men without kids date women with children? And if she's causing you this much worry, MOVE ON TO THE NEXT WOMAN.

    • wish it was that easy, I've met girls, that i liked but afterwards couldnt care less about, but there is something about her, that keeps pulling me towards her. I've had several gfs, and do get attention from other girls, but there is something special about her. but she doesn't seem to be able to open up completely

    • @ReneDs. Good luck bro. I hope you figure it all out and everything comes well for you.

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