Thinking about asking out this girl at work?

ok so she's my supervisor and she's also 6 years my junior iam 25 turning 26 this month, she's 19. she's very mature for her age but also has a humorous lighter side that i have to drag out of her. ok so we have only worked together for about a week. I've seen her looking at me from across the room, our eyes locked, for a moment then she looks away. also the look in her eye when i first met her, when she interviewed me. like, where have you been all my life? lol

we work at some fast food restaurant iam just working there until iam finished college. i don't know though would it be weird if i asked her out? i get too worried about what people think when i do ask women out, i dont know why. just dont want to have to deal with awkwardness of rejection i guess.

she joked about beating me up after i called her weak because of something she said lol. she's also very cute, iam just worried about being unprofessional i guess and if she might get offended. I've dealt with a lot of biotches in my time, unfortunately. theyve warped my way of thinking. society has emasculated me, i should just ask her out as friends.


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  • It's only been a week, take some more time to get to know her. Dont rush in yet. Youve hit it off nicely so dont ruin your image by jumping ahead of yourself. Best of luck and dont get nervous. I say get her number and start texting her, from there you can escalate this relationship

    • i just found out she's not turning 18 till january. she just came out and told me. oh well, sucks though i want to go on a road trip for my birthday, so far iam going alone :(

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