I am confused and what should I do now?

So i met this girl that at the beginning was really into me, I mean really. Now she is gone abroad for a few weeks and I noticed that she is not responsive as she used to be, though she does send a wink everyday. She told me she is really busy with her friends that she went to school with and met new people and is attending a wedding and things like that. I understand she can't give me the time of the day but she doesn't seem overly interested, even she sends kisses and skypes once in a while. What should I do? She knows I do not like people that play hard to get or hold me on a leash and I am honest I hate the feeling of being left behind especially because she was so sweet to me at the beginning. Should I give her time or should I call her out on her behaviour and potentially risk everything?


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  • You can ask her nicely what's up? Be open and honest.

    • I did and she said that I know that she is with her friends and met some new people and wants to enjoy her holiday. She usually contacts me with a good morning and a kiss but before she was more chatty and interested, even when she was abroad already. I told her that I don't like it when people play mindgames with me because I don't do it with people. I am very honest with her and try my best to let her have her privacy. I am not on the phone all the time and do my own things as well but I at least hope we could chat more than just a minute per day or so.

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  • You sound.. How shall I put this. okay you sir need to look at it this way. Chicks want attention, affection, love, and money! Aaa and youuuuu! Are not going give her all of those things right? Right, okay. Sooooo if she know what you like as well will she be sent to jail if she doesn't for fill it? Of course not. Here meet this friend called obligation. You see this word here means you two don't owe each other not a god damn thing. She don't owe a ps4, flirty behavior, attention, and what ever and you don't owe her anything either. What you can do how ever is not focus on just one chick in your life cause as you see it doesn't do you any good and move on with this girl you with. Still talk and what ever but still look out for those who's are around you.

    • you don't know anything about me or who i am. i m still giving her lots of love and attention. Suffice to say I am validating her by her previous behaviour that's why I am confused. If she is not interested as before she could just say so and we both can move on with our lives.

    • You listen here, I don't care if you the nicest guy that gave her everything she wants, your not going know 100% of the thing she knows and she don't have to tell you anything unless you ask her! Now you be man and tell her how you feel. Then your telling me you did this and you did that. So what! There have countless of friend zone post around the world about guys giving there all and more and still get 0 sex, no number, nothing but a thank you. Another thing is you pick and choose what you do in life quit waiting for her to fulfill you social life. Cause you know you and her don't owe each other a god damn thing. Now to rap it up. If you feel the need to look for sign of interests in you then again it's you who are the problem cause your not reading into her, your just blindly want to things your way.

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