Started dating a girl, but she confuses the hell out of me?

Started dating a girl I'm really into like a month ago.

In the mean while we hooked up a couple of times, seemed to be going in the right direction. Had a few nice dates and parties together, slept over at each others place etc.

However this week her behaviour started to change towards me. Seemed like she barely wanted to make some time for me while I know she had plenty. She even didn't want to do something for my birthday, keeping her distance even more.
This in particular seemed very odd to me, I mean if you really like someone you want to be a part of their special day right?

On the other hand she is making plans together for us next week, asking me to sleep over.

Had a long talk with her earlier this week. She litterally said she likes me a lot but she is careful towards me since she doesn't want me to hurt her. She also is a little paranoid about me being in contact with other women, which is totally bonkers.

The way I read this is that she is REALLY into me and I'm coming too close.

She came out of an abusive relationship more than a year ago, but seems to have a hard time letting go and moving on. She also said that the next relationship should be the love of her life. In addition, she also stated that she is so used to her single life style, it is very hard to give up.

From my point of view I have a hard time coping with her confusing behaviour since I really like her. Since she blowing hot and cold, I have no idea whether I should invest more time in her or just let her go.

Some advice would be greatly appreciated :)


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  • I would say let it go. I'm sorry but it seems like she's keeping her options open and she told you straight up she likes being single. If you like being f*** buddies stick around. If not move on.


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